Monouche Render Cleaning

Driveway Doctor are not only deiveway cleaning experts but are the most trusted experts in the fields of K-Rend  render cleaning, façade cleaning and all types of render cleaning. We are recommended by K-rend themselves and our render cleaning will not invalidate your k-rend warranty due the process we use with AlgoClear.

We will ensure our K Rend render cleaning will not damage or discolour your property, by using our specialised equipment and combining special application methods and premium quality algaecides.

It is very easy to forget the building exterior, when maintaining your commercial or residential property. It can also become a deterrent for most companies and homeowners when considering the time and effort required for the cleaning of larger rendered buildings, or difficult access to higher .

Driveway Doctor offer a cost-effective solution to your K-Rend render cleaning issues. We will carry out work to a high professional standard, and the property owner will avoid both the effort of a labour intensive job and the potential risk of injury.

To improve our K Rend render cleaning service we looked at the science behind algae and mould growth on K-Rend. This study has given us a far greater insight and understanding of what is causing your render to discolour or why algae grows on it. In association with AlgoClear we have developed specialist treatments to ensure that we can deep clean your render, so it remains in the best physical condition and free from both organic growths and any discolouration.

Whether you need a full clean of your building’s exterior render or localised cleaning for the removal of unsightly stains, or simply if you need advice, why not contact Driveway Doctor.